August 2014

Focus on cricket, not players’ private lives


Following the debacle of Dhoni’s team in England, the BCCI has not only brought in Ravi Shastri to mount a rescue operation, there is also a purported move to ban girlfriends and restrict access to wives during tours. The argument is that they were an unnecessary distraction for players, who ended up focussing more on […..]

Keep the booze flowing, Mr Chandy


Kerala chief minister Oommen Chandy is known to be a teetotaller but his short sighted decision to move his state towards prohibition seems to be born less from his own predilection and more from an internal factional fight with the Congress party. Ever since anti-liquor campaigner VM Sudheeran took over the reins of the Kerala […..]

Leela Samson criticises I&B ministry for censor board problems including bribery allegations: Free board from ministry control


The arrest of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) CEO Rakesh Kumar on charges of bribery is at one level a case of alleged personal dishonesty. But at a deeper level, as chairperson Leela Samson has argued, it is another reminder of India’s flawed system of film censorship. This must now end. CBFC is a […..]

Pakistan’s political marches show Modi got it right

The liberal criticism of Narendra Modi’s move to call off foreign secretary level talks with Pakistan may have completely missed the point. With the ‘Azadi’ and ‘Inqalabi’ marchers, owing allegiance to Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri, sitting in outside Parliament House in Islamabad and Nawaz Sharif increasingly looking like a prisoner in his own capital, […..]

After India’s dismal Test performance in England, should Dhoni be replaced as captain?: Yes, his time is up

Mahendra Singh Dhoni told reporters to “wait and watch” when asked whether he would quit as India’s Test captain after the debacle at the Oval. Despite his fighting 82 in the first innings of India’s worst Test defeat in England in 40 years, he has well and truly outlived his usefulness as a captain in […..]

Modi-fied India: PM Narendra Modi scores from Red Fort


It was a different Independence Day for most journalists who cover the PMO, used as they were to getting previously written speeches by the Prime Minister ahead of his Red Fort performance. Mr Modi broke convention by speaking extempore for 65 minutes, by dispensing with the customary bullet-proof screen and by turning his speech into […..]

China wants to jointly build new Silk Route in inner Asia and sea lanes: India should partner China


Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to New Delhi next month there is considerable debate on whether India should accept Chinese proposals to jointly rebuild a new version of the Silk Route, the ancient trade and cultural route between India, central Asia and China. China`s economic diplomacy around the new ‘Silk Route economic belt’ […..]