May 2018

BJP led but JD(S) in pole position: Bengaluru game of thrones offers salutary lessons for Congress to take on Brand Modi in 2019


In an election in which Siddaramaiah likened himself to the legendary seventh century Chalukya ruler Pulakesin II, who defeated the north Indian emperor Harsha, his Kannada First vs Outsider narrative clearly couldn’t stave off a saffron surge. While BJP finished as the single largest party in what still is its first major state south of […..]

North-east polls change 2019 game: Modi’s gains in Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya give BJP new momentum

PM_Modi_speaking_at_the_Inauguration_of_the_Hornbill_Festival_in_Kohima (1)

Agartala, Kohima and Shillong are so far away from the heat and dust of Delhi that elections in the north-east have too often in the past been seen by political and intellectual elites in the capital as passing footnotes, at best. The tectonic shift in 2018 has been the lifting of these self-limiting blinkers. The […..]