May 2019

New Nehru for the Right? Modi’s and Nehru’s politics are inverted mirror images of each other


The one political leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often been compared to is Indira Gandhi. Like Modi, after all, she was the last Indian prime minister to win a renewed absolute parliamentary majority for her party after a full term. And like the prime minister’s thumping 2019 triumph in the face of what the […..]

Why Narendra Modi may trump caste politics in Uttar Pradesh

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When it’s about elections, stay ahead with the India’s Counting Day

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#May23WithTimesNow | Get the fastest, accurate and credible 2019 Lok Sabha election results with @RShivshankar, @NavikaKumar, & @nalinmehta, on TIMES NOW. When it’s about elections, stay ahead with the India’s Counting Day HQ – TIMES NOW. | — TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) May 15, 2019

BJP Banking on Fortress Gujarat but Faces Challenge in Maharashtra

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Executive Summary The two western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra together account for 74 out of the 543 seats in the Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament). The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) swept all 26 Gujarat Lok Sabha seats in 2014. In 2019, Gujarat, the home ground of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the […..]

‘95% of video consumption in India is in regional languages; Hindi internet users will outnumber English users by 2021’


Caesar Sengupta is Google Vice President, Next Billion Users and Payments. He spoke to Nalin Mehta about why India is central to the future global growth of the internet and how this is changing the way digital products are being designed. Globally we have over 4 billion internet users now and another billion coming in, mostly from Asia. […..]

Bhakt goggles? Why jobs became secondary in this poll campaign


As we wait for the end of this long election season, one of the big questions that has flummoxed all liberals and those fighting the BJP is why Brand Modi still seems relatively impervious to the problem of falling job-creation and several declining economic indicators, which would have brought any other government low. Irrespective of […..]

Elections are about emotions. This election is about Narendra Modi, not even about the BJP