Facebook’s Campbell Brown: No silver bullet for tackling fake news … no way Facebook can monitor every story or video shared


Fake news on digital media has become a potent means of manipulating political discourse around the world. Campbell Brown, Facebook’s New York-based head of news partnerships, spoke to Nalin Mehta on how the world’s largest social network is responding to the propagation of fake news through its platform in India and worldwide: How are you […..]

Bihar’s egg on TV’s face

Remember Al Gore? There is a loose parallel between how some Indian TV channels mucked up the Bihar counting day coverage last Sunday with the embarrassing on-air calls that American TV networks made during the 2000 ‘Bush vs Gore’ presidential polls. Announcing the results on November 7, 2000, channels first called Florida in favour of […..]

TV channels losing it on Bihar?

BJP may have lost its big gamble in Bihar, but many TV news channels may also be losers in the viewership stake of credibility. With different channels showing such widely divergent numbers on assembly seats through the morning, viewers were left floundering on what to believe and who to trust. Even the broad trend lines […..]

Europe versus Facebook

It all started with an Austrian student studying in California. A few years ago, whenMax Schrems found that Facebook was simply ignoring European privacy laws for users, he started a group called Europe versus Facebook and the beginning of challenge that has now culminated in a landmark ruling by the EU’s top court The European […..]

Your TV only on your mobile


It has finally happened. A big national channel has finally shifted a major programme totally online. Starting next week, Star Plus’ three-month old fiction show ‘Phir Bhi Na Mane… Badtameez Dil’ will move exclusively to its digital platform Hotstar. This is the first time ever that an Indian broadcaster has shifted a regular daily fiction […..]

How the burka became ‘cool’


When your four-year-old boy starts thinking of the burka as cool, it is time to sit up and take notice. Especially, when the burka comes repackaged as ninja-all-black on a Pakistani superheroine, destroying Taliban-like goons while moving to background music that sounds like a cross between Spiderman and Mission Impossible. An iron lady who despite […..]

Behind a Billion Screens a national bestseller

mumbai airport bestseller

Nalin Mehta’s book ‘Behind a Billion Screens: What Television Tells Us About Modern India’ has become a national non-fiction bestseller. The book, which systematically examines the problems with India’s television, and why it matters to all of us, has been flying off the bookshelves ever since its launch on 8 May 2015. Introducing the book […..]