26/11: Why Pakistan ex-envoy’s explosive admission matters


Everyone knows that the 26/11 attackers in Mumbai came from Pakistan. The question has always been how deeply involved was the Pakistan’s establishment in the 26/11 attacks? Now we have a clear answer. “Log hamarey thhe, operation hamara nahin thha” [the people were ours, not the operation] — this is what Lt General Shuja Pasha, […..]

Pakistan’s role in 26/11 terror attacks: Live TOI Facebook broadcast


Pakistan’s role in 26/11 terror attacks: Foreign policy expert & Brookings India fellow Dhruva Jaishankar joins TOI’s Nalin Mehta to discuss how India should deal with Islamabad.

Missing a trick on Pakistan: how Islamabad can be made to change its game


With Pakistan foreign secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry’s visit to Delhi achieving nothing except familiar restatements of old positions on terrorism and Kashmir, is New Delhi missing a trick on Pakistan? Back to a weary pattern of one step forward, two steps back with Pakistan the Modi government’s Islamabad policy, in that sense, seems struck in […..]

What we can learn from Paris

There was something ethereal and heart-stopping about the mysterious musician who silently rolled up a grand piano outside the blood-soaked Bataclan Theatre in Paris to poignantly play the notes of John Lennon’s 1971 classic ‘Imagine’ (See here). In India, TV channels would have gone berserk screaming the usual clichéd nonsense – remember the “spirit of […..]

France’s 26/11 will change Europe

Much like Mumbai on 26/11, the terrorists in Paris have attacked the heart of what it is to be a Parisian. Attacking cafes in a city of cafes, blowing up of the Bataclan Theatre in a city that is symptomatic of culture and bomb blasts that shook the Stade de France where the French football […..]