Why the Lingayat vote is decisive in Karnataka?


On Karnataka’s food politics: Indira Canteens


Karnataka Elections: Elections With Times

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North-east polls change 2019 game: Modi’s gains in Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya give BJP new momentum

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Agartala, Kohima and Shillong are so far away from the heat and dust of Delhi that elections in the north-east have too often in the past been seen by political and intellectual elites in the capital as passing footnotes, at best. The tectonic shift in 2018 has been the lifting of these self-limiting blinkers. The […..]

Jobs and Digital Disruption: Karnataka and the Nation

Special Discussion at Times Now Karnataka Conclave with Principal Economic Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal, Yogendra Yadav and Saugata Bhattacharya, Chief Economist, Axis Bank

Congress gets Patel face saver: But BJP still sits pretty while Congress desperately searches for a new narrative and identity

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There are three kinds of Patels in Gujarat, goes an old joke oft-repeated by Ahmed Patel’s detractors in the state. Kadva Patels, Leuva Patels and Ahmed Patel. Laced with the irony and exaggeration that is the hallmark of sharp political innuendo, it was meant both as a dig at his vote catching abilities and, equally, […..]

6 Awadh districts key to UP