Modi’s Media


“India is Modi. Modi is India” screamed the headline in India’s most popular pink paper, The Economic Times, the day after the new Prime Minister’s historic electoral victory, the greatest by the Indian Right and the first clear-cut majority mandate for a single party to rule India in thirty years. It was a smart inversion […..]

Churning’s discussed in every galli, home and tea stall: Sanjay Sinh

Sanjay Sinh is Congress Rajya Sabha MP from Assam and scion of Amethi’s former ruling family. Sinh spoke with Nalin Mehta on his property dispute with son Anant Vikram Sinh, the violent clash over Amethi’s palace recently claiming a policeman’s life, demands for a new probe into Syed Modi’s murder — and churning within the […..]

Keep the booze flowing, Mr Chandy


Kerala chief minister Oommen Chandy is known to be a teetotaller but his short sighted decision to move his state towards prohibition seems to be born less from his own predilection and more from an internal factional fight with the Congress party. Ever since anti-liquor campaigner VM Sudheeran took over the reins of the Kerala […..]

Old wine, old bottle

For a party where access and the good graces of the leader is everything, two leaders speaking critically and out of turn in the same month is more than just unusual. First it was Salman Khurshid’s much denied critique of Rahul Gandhi’s halfhearted attempts at reviving the Congress and then came Shankersinh Vaghela’s sudden distress […..]

Back to the 1990s

Not since V.V. Giri’s election in 1969 has a Presidential election become such a game of smoke and mirrors. Giri’s narrow defeat of the official Congress candidate Neelam Sanjiva Reddy heralded the phase of Indira Gandhi’s dominance over the polity. The thrusts and parries that have preceded the current election may well signify the return […..]

Capital Loss for Congress in India

The fog of war is confusing. The fog of defeat can be even more debilitating: the comfort of denial and post-defeat rationalization are its natural offspring. The Indian National Congress Party’s comprehensive defeat in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections in April 2012 has added to its growing list of recent electoral setbacks and […..]

Capital loss

The fog of war is confusing. The fog of defeat can be even more debilitating: the comfort of denial and convoluted post-rationalisation are its natural offsprings. The Congress response to its stinging defeat in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections has followed a time-worn typescript. Swinging between defensiveness and despair, its official statements have ranged […..]