Decoding the ‘message’ in Narendra Modi’s message


No one in contemporary Indian politics understands the significance of words, of messaging and of symbolism more than Narendra Modi. As someone who redefined the very idiom of Indian politics largely on the back of his oratory and adroit use of public messaging, what he says is as important as how he says it. Equally […..]

Dadri lynching: Forget UN, just stop beef politics


Just when you think politicians have scrapped the bottom of the barrel in fanning the aftermath of the Dadri murder over beef and that the politics around the murder couldn’t get worse, it does. Yesterday it was BJP legislator Sangeet Som, accused of inciting violence in Muzaffarnagar, charging the UP government of “helping those had […..]

Holy cow: Little remorse on Dadri beef killing

A man was bludgeoned to death in cold blood inside his own house. His son beaten to within an inch of his life. Yet, we see little remorse, shame or introspection. Only politics. India’s culture minister Mahesh Sharma has called the mob-murder an “accident”. Another former BJP MLA told TV cameras it happened in “excitement”. […..]