Mamata Bannerjee

Lessons in self-destruction

Mamata Bannerjee’s official biography on the West Bengal government’s website describes her as the author of no fewer than thirty books, one of which is called ‘Slaughter of Democracy’. No prizes for guessing who the ‘slaughterer’ was in this 2006 polemic against the Left Front. Now, less than a year into a government that was […..]


Back when she was Railways Minister under Prime Minister Vajpayee, Mamata Banerjee used to insist on driving into Parliament every day in a battered, old Fiat. The paraphernalia of ministerhood in Lutyen’s Delhi, with its bulletproof cars and gun-toting securitymen, was always an anathema for a politician whose entire imagery has been built on the […..]


South American poet Jorges Luis Borges writes in his poem ‘Happiness’ (La Dicha) that “everything happens for the first time”. “Whosoever embraces a woman is Adam,” he muses. Just as “whosoever lights a match in the dark is inventing fire”. It is a feeling that may well describe some Bengali voters as they participate today […..]