Did PM Modi get his facts wrong in Kerala


Modi, Moody’s and the changing mood

Is Moody’s also ‘sickular’? A research arm of one the world’s leading global ratings agencies has now said what many in India have long been warning the government about. In its report titled, ‘India Outlook: Searching for Potential’, Moody’s Analytics has rung three alarm bells. First, it says, there are “indications that investors have been […..]

Did Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ diversity memo not reach Giriraj?


Invoking Sardar Patel, Prime Minister Modi has once again linked unity and harmony to development, arguing in his latest ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme that ‘peace, harmony and unity’ are the keys to progress (As it happened: PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’). It is a welcome message but once again, it seems to have little effect […..]

Decoding the ‘message’ in Narendra Modi’s message


No one in contemporary Indian politics understands the significance of words, of messaging and of symbolism more than Narendra Modi. As someone who redefined the very idiom of Indian politics largely on the back of his oratory and adroit use of public messaging, what he says is as important as how he says it. Equally […..]

Modi and the art of political performance


The prime minister has been doing what he does best in Silicon Valley- rock-star style public meetings, sizzling town-hall meetings that bring back the best of his election campaigning in 2014 and acting as India’s salesman No. 1 to American businesses. It has already yielded big promises from several companies like Google (plans for 500 […..]

Modi’s Media


“India is Modi. Modi is India” screamed the headline in India’s most popular pink paper, The Economic Times, the day after the new Prime Minister’s historic electoral victory, the greatest by the Indian Right and the first clear-cut majority mandate for a single party to rule India in thirty years. It was a smart inversion […..]

Modi knows it all: NaMo wows Madison Square, NRIs and corporate India but sports ministry shows challenge ahead

Modiji is a master of many things. A manly chappan-chati-ed deliverer of soaring words, a conductor of non-stop action, a magic weaver of consummate dreams and now also an international rock star whose name, like Mohammad Ali’s, will forever be conjoined with Madison Square Garden. Achhe din may not be here yet but they are […..]