Why Ban wants Modi

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s first overseas posting as a South Korean diplomat was to Delhi, his son-law is a former Indian Army officer but as Secretary General he has rarely put out a personal appeal to an Indian prime minister as he has done now. His latest appeal to Modi to attend next week’s […..]

Memo to BJP: Keep the Yogi and India’s ‘greatest sensuous acharya’ in closet

Yogi Adityanath must have been hoping that his recent anointment as the new Mahant of Gorakshpeeth would coincide with a celebratory victory run in the UP byelection, which he spearheaded. That other relic from the Ramjnmabhoomi movement, Unnao MP, Sakshi Maharaj, was upping the ante too by putting out an alleged Muslim rate card for […..]

Pakistan’s political marches show Modi got it right

The liberal criticism of Narendra Modi’s move to call off foreign secretary level talks with Pakistan may have completely missed the point. With the ‘Azadi’ and ‘Inqalabi’ marchers, owing allegiance to Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri, sitting in outside Parliament House in Islamabad and Nawaz Sharif increasingly looking like a prisoner in his own capital, […..]

Modi-fied India: PM Narendra Modi scores from Red Fort


It was a different Independence Day for most journalists who cover the PMO, used as they were to getting previously written speeches by the Prime Minister ahead of his Red Fort performance. Mr Modi broke convention by speaking extempore for 65 minutes, by dispensing with the customary bullet-proof screen and by turning his speech into […..]

The BJP’s new shah: Amit Shah’s ascent and appointment as party president signifies a new wave of social engineering

The last time a newly appointed BJP president alluded to his humble origins before the party’s national council was on August 3, 2002. An emotional Venkaiah Naidu broke down at the Talkatora Stadium while talking about being born to ‘‘a farmer’s family in a remote village far down in the south’’ and declared that ‘‘this […..]

Mr Modi, we presume?

There is something particularly intriguing about the drama surrounding Narendra Modi’s intense tussle with Sanjay Joshi which has culminated in the latter’s resignation from the BJP. The cloak-and-dagger atmospherics of the battle between the charismatic chief minister and the relatively faceless RSS man has been a local sideshow within the BJP for years but its […..]


Reading the BJP’s defence of Narendra Modi 10 years after the Gujarat riots, it is difficult not to think of the proverbial line from the 1950s novel ‘Go-Between’ about the past being a foreign country. A decade is a long time, especially in the age of tweets and status updates, but can the seductive, shining […..]