Modi-Obama hit it off, India can be a Pacific power, Republicans may not even nominate Trump: Strobe Talbott


Strobe Talbott is President of the well-known Brookings Institution in Washington DC and former US Deputy Secretary of State. Speaking with Nalin Mehta, Talbott discussed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy moves, his personal bonding with President Barack Obama, the prospects of India-Pakistan peace developing today – and whether Donald Trump could be America’s next […..]

Why Sangma is no Obama

Ambition is no mean thing. It is the elixir that drives all politics and most creative impulses but there is a difference in wearing your ambition on your sleeve and spouting it like a megaphone. What does one make of P.A. Sangma’s rediscovery of himself as a tribal and the pointed comparison with Barack Obama? […..]

Barack Singh Dhoni

When George W. Bush barely scraped through in Florida in 2000, many Indian observers rightly pointed in glee to the successes of our own Election Commission and the inherent checks and balances in Indian democracy. At a time when America was turning red-necked, the seeming superiority of Indian democracy was underlined in 2004 with the […..]