Sonia Gandhi


In November 1947, speaking to the All India Congress Committee on the biggest issue of the time – Hindu-Muslim relations – Mahatma Gandhi told the delegates that he had come to them because they were the “real Congress.” It was the AICC, in his view, that held real power, as opposed to the party’s larger […..]

A Council of Aspiration

When Manmohan Singh assessed his first government after one year in power, he gave it a modest 6 out of 10. This time, there were no such headline-making quantitative attributions by the Prime Minister but he clearly takes UPA-II’s first anniversary seriously. The past fortnight saw three important signifiers. First, in a country where Prime […..]

Sharad Pawar for alliance with Congress

Four years after breaking away from the Congress over Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origins, the Nationalist Congress Party’s Sharad Pawar has now gone further than ever before on forging an alliance with the Congress. “We are ready for an alliance outside Maharashtra and the leadership issue can be decided after the elections,” said Pawar. Pawar’s remarks […..]