Great Indian tradition of debate alive and well: Wendy Doniger

Wendy Doniger

Indologist Wendy Doniger is the author of seminal books on Hinduism and mythology. She tells Nalin Mehta that protests by writers can be effective, book bans don’t work and that Hinduism’s great tradition of debate is alive and well. Do you agree with the writers and film-makers who returned their awards to protest against rising […..]

Why Chetan Bhagat is wrong about Indian liberals


India’s biggest-selling novelist Chetan Bhagat has taken a huge swipe at Indian liberals in the Times of India (November 2), arguing that they usually have “no clue” and “no solutions” about what India should be like. This is primarily because behind their modernist façade, liberals are just superior English-speaking children coming out of class privilege, […..]